Improving the sport infrastructure of a community is a big responsibility, since sport is such an important tool for achieving individual and social wellness.
Health and environmental concerns must comply with economical convenience.
When choosing an infill material, one should know that infill plays a key role in the total sport performance of an artificial turf system, because it has a direct influence on:

  • the players health and comfort (biomechanical interaction, potentially hazardous substances)
  • the game quality (shock absorption, ball rebound and speed)
  • the facility functionality anddurability (infill compaction can create drainage problems)

For this reasons, costs and benefits of infill should be carefully evaluated in a medium term perspective. The following characteristics of SO.F.TER. infill products guarantee a long term performance and functionality:

  • non compacting shape
  • technical durability, i.e. maintenance of the technical properties such as elasticity, colour, consistency
  • no bad smell and dust release
  • full eco-compliance
  • totally free from hazardous or toxic substances
  • full recyclability
  • good performance to standard sport parameters