Good products show their qualities in the long term, by keeping up their properties and continuing to deliver the same benefits as in the first days.
With over 500 infilled pitches - many of which are FIFA 2 STARS approved - SO.F.TER. has proved to be the right partner for a successful and long-lasting installation. Our strength relies on a some key aspects:

HIGH PRODUCT QUALITY: based on over 30 years experience in performance polymers, our infill materials have passed the most severe international tests regarding:

  • UV and weathering resistance
  • Sport functionality
  • Eco-compliance
  • Chemical safety

UNMATCHED TECHNICAL SUPPORT: we are the only one company on the market to offer a free pre-installation test and consultancy service. Our technical partner Terra Sport Technology BV is able to reproduce in its lab a small scale artificial system before its actual on-site installation; this sample-pitch is then tested with the same equipment used during the FIFA tests, so that the installer can know in advance the artificial system performance before its official approval test! In case the tests show some negative indicator, it is possible to adjust in advance the system components balance, and to save a lot of time and money.

SERVICE EXCELLENCE: our customer-oriented staff provides a high level assistance and reliable delivery service.