How to develop a Fifa 2 Star Artificial System

During many years spent in the business of synthetic turf fields, our partner TST Terra Sports Technology has gained world class knowledge and experience in artificial systems.
 This peculiar know-how focuses on how to achieve top natural turf performance with artificial grass.

With over 50 successfull FIFA 2 STARS installations, TST has deep knowledge of the most used shock pad systems and fibre technologies. Its lab is equipped with the most relevant equipment for testing the artificial turf systems according to the FIFA Total Quality Concept.

Thanks to its experience and equipment, TST can give an unmatched technical support to system installers/owners: TST in fact can reproduce in its lab a small scale artificial system before its actual installation. This sample-pitch is then tested with the same methods used during the FIFA tests, so that the owner can know in advance the artificial system performance before its real-scale installation! And in case the tests show some negative indicator, it is possible to adjust in advance the system components balance and to save a lot of time and money.

Test Equipment

These instruments belonging to TST lab can test the artificial system according to the FIFA Quality Concept sport parameters:

  • Artificial Athelete ->> Force Reduction and Vertical Deformation
  • Advanced Arthificial Athlete ->> Force Reduction, Vertical Deformation, Energy Restitution
  • Rotational Friction Meter ->> Rotational friction
  • Vertical Ball Bounce Standard ->> Vertical ball bounce + acoustic method
  • Lisport test ->> Mechanical Wear
  • Ball Roll standard ->> Ball roll
  • Climate Chambers