Sport performance in every condition

The wide range of FORGRIN® products is designed for use in different climatic conditions, and can be installed in fields exposed to the coldest as well as the hottest weathers in the world.





  • Choose the right product to withstand the level of exposure of your field



  • Premium technical features
  • Optimal sliding properties
  • Good foothold


Forgrin offers a complete range of TPE infill solutions to meet all installation requirements:


FORGRIN HT INDOOR Indoor    Halogen-free flame retardant product
FORGRIN HT ≤ 130 kLangley / year FIFA Quality Concept
EU Directive EN 71-3 (safety of toys)
Performance infill suitable for high-end and standard installations
FORGRIN HT 140 ≤ 140 kLangley / year FIFA Quality Concept Performance infill suitable for high-end and standard installations, with very good UV, heat and weather resistance
FORGRIN XT ≤ 160 kLangley / year LND Regulation   (Italian Amateur Soccer League) Offers extra UV, heat and weather resistance
FORGRIN GT ≤ 200 kLangley / year FIFA Quality Concept Offers maximum resistance to oxidation, heat and UV radiation

Common features

The entire range of SO.F.TER. infill granules has been designed to deliver a performance as similar as possible to that of natural turf. All our products are realized using special Thermoplastic Elastomers compounds (TPE), and comply with the most stringent regulations in terms of health, environment and sport performance. Our products differ from the other infill materials for their unique array of benefits:

Because of their premium technical performance and guaranteed level of environmental safety, our products are present in many installations, certified according to the severe standards of:

  • - FIFA Quality Concept
  • - Dutch Soil Quality Decree
  • - Regolamento LND 2008 (Italian Amateur Soccer League)


It should be noted that the overall performance of an artificial system is not determined by the infill alone but depends also on other elements such as the synthetic turf and the elastic shock pad underlay, if present.


Technical features

The SO.F.TER. product portfolio includes two types of infill materials: the Holo® products featuring the innovative cylindrical shape with a hollow space inside, and the Terra® and Forgrin® products with the traditional solid, anti-compaction, cylindrical shape.


Shape Cylindrical, hollow inside Cylindrical Cylindrical
Bulk density, g/cm3 (1) 0.55 0.85 0.85
Infill quantity, kg/m2 (2) 5.0 7.7 7.7
Granule to infill 1 football pitch, kg (3) 35,700 54,978 54,978
Shock absorption: (4)      
- New 66% 63% 63%
- After 20,000 Lisport cycles 65% 62% 62%
Typical shock absorption of natural turf    63-67%  

All above figures show the typical values for an artificial system with a shock pad underlay, e.g.: 12 mm shock pad, 45 mm turf system with 15 mm infill sand and 10 mm performance infill.
(1) Density: the ratio of the mass of a body and its volume. The bulk density of a material is calculated in a way similar to absolute density but takes into consideration the total volume occupied by the solid, including the hollow spaces (solids with closed cavities, open cavities or spongy structures).
(2) The kg/m2 data indicate the quantity of granules needed to obtain 10mm infill height per square meter.
(3) Data for the infill of a field of standard dimensions (105x68 m = 7,140 m2) for a 10 mm high infill layer. 
(4) Data measured according to the FIFA Quality Concept method.