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Aspmyra Stadium: FIFA 2 STAR for the seventh consecutive time.

Infilled with Terra XPS ® granules,  Aspmyra is the only artificial field in the world approved FIFA 2STAR for seven consecutive years without any extraordinary repairs.

SO.F.TER. GROUP and Terra Sports Technology BV are proud to announce that the artificial system installed in Aspmyra Stadium in Bodø (Norway) has been approved FIFA 2 STAR for the seventh consecutive time.

Situated above the Arctic Circle, Aspmyra Stadium was inaugurated in 2006 and hosts the matches of the Norwegian Premier League. The system, infilled with the TPE granule Terra XPS®, has been used for seven years, however, despite intensive use, still perfectly meets the strict requirements set by FIFA and UEFA regulations.

Even more surprisingly, this extraordinary result has been achieved only through the routine maintenance works conducted regularly on the playing surface, which means that the system has retained its original features and all of the materials that compose it proved their excellent quality, durability and ability to generate value over time. Aspmyra Stadium is the only artificial field in the world to have obtained the FIFA 2 star approval for seven consecutive years without ever having undergone major maintenance.

The infill materials Terra®, Forgrin® and the new Holo® have been installed in more than 800 artificial systems worldwide. Our objective is to create sports surfaces capable to offer durable technical characteristics, playing comfort, certified safety for both the players and the environment.

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