SO.F.TER. obtains the European Patent for Holo® performance infill


The unique tubular TPE granule offers maximum safety, top performance and lower cost.

SO.F.TER. is pleased to announce the obtainment of the European Patent for Holo TPE granule, characterized by the exclusive cylindrical shape with hollow space inside, designed specifically to provide an effect similar to natural grass. Holo is used in numerous FIFA 2 STARS artificial turf pitches since it has many advantages compared to traditional infill rubbers, such as:

Maximum performance at a low cost

Holo allows the creation of artificial systems with top level technical characteristics using a smaller amount of granule (-30% in kg). This translates into an overall economic saving of approximately 10% compared to traditional TPE or EPDM granules (1).

Natural effect

The patented artificial system infilled with Holo has a shock absorption value of 65% (2) comparable to that of natural grass pitches, whose shock absorption is on average 63-67% (3).

Heat dispersion

Holo tubular shape favors better heat dispersion than other infill granules and prevents the temperature increase of the field surface during the summer months.

Full efficiency and durability

GThanks to its special chemical composition, Holo maintains excellent elasto-mechanical properties over the years, thus allowing the durability and the full efficiency of the system over time. It guarantees excellent drainage capacity, resistance to UV and ozone, consistency of the playing surface and absence of compaction. It does not release dust or bad odor and is fully recyclable.

PAH free

Tests carried out in accredited laboratories show that the total content of PAH (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons) in the granule is < 0.5%(4). Therefore Holo falls fully within the limits imposed by the European Regulation 1272/2013 amending Annex XVII of the REACH European Regulation (EC No 1907/2006). The new limits, which will come into force on December 27, 2015, are fixed at 1 mg/kg for each of the 8 PAH named in the legislation, and decreased to 0.5 mg/kg for toys and articles intended for children.

Different products depending on the climate

The Holo range includes products with different formulations and characteristics depending on climate zones: Holo SP has been studied for cold climates and provides optimal elastic performance up to -30 °C. Holo XP is suitable for warm climates in the Mediterranean zone, while Holo GT has been created for areas with very high UV radiation.

(1) indicative average value which also includes savings on transportation costs.
(2) after 20,000 cycles on LISPORT wear test, comparable approximately to 6-8 years of use.
(3) average reported value of natural grass pitches in optimal service condition.
(4) total value referring to the sum of 18 PAH contained in the document ZEK 01.4-08: 2011-11


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