Tele2 Arena switches to artificial turf with Terra infill


Soccer and entertainment go hand in hand in a single extraordinary venue.

Terra Sports Technology and SO.F.TER. are proud to announce the signing of a contract for the supply of performance infill to the prestigious stadium Tele2 Arena in Stockholm. The TPE infill Terra XPS chosen for this installation has been approved FIFA 2 STARS and can ensure excellent results in terms of damping effect, grip and sliding performance.

Tele2 Arena, owned by the City of Stockholm through a subsidiary company called SGA Fastigheter AB, will have a maximum capacity of 40,000 spectators and a retractable roof, for a total estimated cost of 320 million euro. After his inauguration, scheduled for July 2013, the venue will host concerts, sporting events and football matches at the highest national and international level.

One of the toughest challenges for an entertainment venue like Tele2 Arena is the ability to quickly switch from one event to another: for this reason the natural grass which had been initially installed, has been removed because it was too delicate and unfit to grow under the covering roof. Instead, thanks to a specially designed artificial system, the field can be turned very quickly into a venue flooring with great saving of time and this will allow to host a greater number of events during the year.

To ensure maximum safety to the players and the public, the company Spentab, who installed the artificial system, chose the infill granule Terra XPS Indoor which is flame retardant and totally safe for people.

The infill granule infill Terra XPS has also been installed in the Aspmyra Stadium in Bødo (Norway): this facility inaugurated in 2006, has been approved FIFA 2 STAR for the seventh consecutive year without ever having undergone any extraordinary repairs.

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