SO.F.TER. TPE infill products approved according to the DIN SPEC 18035-7:2011-10.

Holo SP-D®, the newest hollow TPE infill granule introduced in October 2011 at the FSB in Cologne, and the solid Forgrin SP® have been officially approved according to the norm DIN SPEC 18035-7:10-2011.

The DIN SPEC is one of the most stringent requirements about infill systems in which the material is tested on:

  • Initial physical requirements such as tensile strength and elongation at break
  • Wear resistance
  • Resistance against continuous load
  • Ageing (both hot water and UV) where consistent performance is required
  • Environmental safety


With these approvals, SO.F.TER. proves to be the frontrunner in high performance infill technology and products. With the Holo SP® SO.F.TER. builds further on the proven Forgrin® TPE infill materials with key elements such as durability, anti-compaction, smell-free, environmental safety and 100% recyclability.


Due to the hollow space inside and the special high performing compound, Holo SP® is the first engineered infill product with important added value towards:

  • sport functional characteristics such as shock absorption, rotational friction, etc
  • lower temperature because wider surface and inside air release heat more easily 
  • 35% saving on infill material


Some of the most important Artificial turf companies in Europe have their systems infilled with the Holo SP® .


For more information: www.tpeinfill.com

Contacts: ir. Bart Wijers, Technical Manager Terra Sports Technology +31(0)46 4361618, b.wijers@terrasportstech.com