HOLO SP-D® plays in the Dutch Premier League

SO.F.TER. and Terra Sports Technology are pleased to announce that HOLO SP-D®, the innovative hollow granule for infill of artificial turf, was awarded the supply for the renovation of the artificial turf pitch of PEC Zwolle (Netherlands), the football club recently promoted to the Dutch Premier League.

PEC Zwolle artificial turf stadium was inaugurated in 2007 and even then the Municipality choose the ecological granule infill TPE TERRA XPS®. The experience was positive and five years later, when it came time to put the system to a partial reconstruction, the artificial turf company CSC and the sport club PEC Zwolle contacted again Terra Sports Technology who proposed them the new HOLO infill technology, internationally patented and approved by the Dutch Government according to the Dutch Soil Quality Decree.


The renovation of the Zwolle stadium involves the replacement of the old artificial top layer with a state of the art artificial turf system in which the Holo SP-D infill is applied. The result is a turf system which is based on the latest technology that will confer a unique natural feeling to the sport surface. The preliminary test carried out by Terra Sports Technology confirm that the field of PEC Zwolle will comply with the FIFA 2 STARS parameters.


Holo TPE infill is the most advanced infill product available on the market, capable to provide high shock absorption, good grip, ball bounce comparable to natural grass - unique for artificial turf - and excellent “dry” sliding performance. This innovative technology is not aimed only to Premier League stadiums and professional football clubs but is also available for the Municipalities market: for instance in May 2012 the first full-size FIFA 2 STAR system infilled with Holo has been installed it the sport park “Monster” (Westland, NL) .


More information: Terra Sport Technology, Sittard (NL) tel +31 (0)46 436 1618 info@terrasportstechnology.com