Holo® approved for high-end FIFA Quality Concept systems.

Holo SP and Holo SP-D (certified according to the Dutch Soil Quality Decree) are approved for FIFA 1 and 2 STAR artificial turf constructions. The tests have been carried out by ISA SPORT (FIFA accredited test institute).

From the results of the Research Laboratory it is concluded that the TPE infill granules Holo SP (-D) Green and Holo SP(-D) Brown meet the requirements from the FIFA Total Quality Concept after 3000 hrs. UV ageing. This means that these materials can be applied in FIFA 1 and 2 star artificial turf constructions.


The Holo innovation…

Holo is the most advanced infill product available on the market.

Its high profile characteristics rely on the combination of two elements:

  1. The innovative cylindrical shape with the hollow space inside the granule, which results in its unique high “shock-absorption” function (worldwide patent).
  2. The engineered compound formulation is offering a perfect balance of elasticity and resilience, which allow the granule to return to its original shape after impact. Compared to the other infill materials Holo provides a more “natural feeling” never experienced before on artificial surfaces.


Key benefits


  • Optimal shock absorption
  • Low ball bounce, comparable to natural grass
  • Excellent “dry” sliding performance



  • Improved drainage
  • Lightweight allows to reduce up to 35% weight of infill material



  • Lower temperature during summer: heat is released by bigger granule surface
  • Excellent low temperature resistance in winter (stays flexible down to -30°C!!) 



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